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SIM-only Plans for New Customers

Ultra Speed Service Plan & service plans with hassle-free mobile data usage
Local mobile data: 5GB - 20GB
From $118 / month
Free up to 4,000 Clubpoints (Online shop limited)
Primary & Secondary Student SIM Plan
Local mobile data: 2.5GB
From $98 / month
Free Tap & Go
Tertiary Student U-Plan
Local mobile data: 6GB - 12GB
From $68 / month
Designated U-Plan – Free 1,000 Clubpoints (Online shop limited)

SIM + Handset and Gadget Plans for New Customers

Choose from a range of the latest smartphone models
Local mobile data: 5GB - 12GB
From $198 / month
Free up to 5,000 Clubpoints
Choose from bundles of a range of Dyson home appliances and other gadgets
Local mobile data: 5GB - 12GB
From $198 / month
Free up to 3,000 Clubpoints (Online shop limited)
Tertiary Student U-Plan - Smartphone + SIM Plans
Local mobile data: 8GB
From $298 / month
12-month i-Guard Phone & Tablet Repair Plan